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3 Ideas to Make The Most Of Your Holiday Marketing

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: December 12th, 2011

The holidays offer more than a great occasion to join in all the special festivities. They also provide a wide range of marketing opportunities once you know where to look. Celebrate your existing customers and clients, start relationships with new prospects, widen your sales base, or simply raise awareness for your favorite charity this season. All these goals can begin with the right holiday campaign. And, if you haven’t already started, there may still be time to get a quick last-minute initiative underway.

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Here are 3 ways to make holiday marketing work for you:

1. Use Social Networks to Help Celebrate and Inspire Customer Loyalty Through the Holidays and Beyond

This year on Black Friday, mobile shoppers referred from social networks generated more online sales than ever before – led by Facebook with 75% of all social network traffic. That means including an integrated social media holiday marketing program is now a must. Pull out all the stops by combining social media with your website, blogs, and online press releases to get on-going benefits as well. Reward your Facebook fans with special promotions offered only to them. Make it easy for them to share with others to spread the word. Use Twitter to help your followers find the best places to park in a crowded lot. Offer Foursquare coupons to those who “check-in” at your location. Whether you are in retail or a service business, using social media is a great way to market seasonal products and services, special holiday offers, seasons greetings, and more.

2. Holiday QR Codes Take On A New Flavor this Season

Try sending your holiday offers or greetings directly to your clients’ and prospects’ smart phones this holiday season. With the success of mobile and QR Code marketing, the opportunities are endless. You can use a special holiday set of QR Codes to share seasons greetings, favorite holiday recipes, videos, web pages, songs, gifts, coupons and specials, and more.

3. Business Holiday Greetings With That Personal Touch

One of the most unique 2011 tech news stories on CNN was about the “Snail Mail My Email” campaign. One insightful guy decided to offer his services for one month to convert impersonal emails and posts into hand-written mailed letters, adding a few personal touches like stickers, doodles, flower petals, or a lipstick kiss. The idea took off like wildfire and proved that modern society may just be starved for the written word. (Direct mailers have known this for years!) So, this holiday season, while social media and QR marketing may be all the rage, there’s always room for the personal hand-written message. Get back to basics by sending out hand-written holiday cards sharing genuine sentiments in your own words. And a lipstick kiss might seal the deal.

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