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6 Keys to Successful Marketing in 2011

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: January 4th, 2011

Reflecting back on the marketing strategies you were involved with during 2010 may leave you wondering why despite all of your efforts, you didn’t get the results you were hoping for.
Or, your results may have come in close to the mark, but this year you’d like to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Well, its a new year and all indicators are pointing in the right direction. So what better time than right now to refine your existing strategies and start implementing new ideas that are in keeping with the changing marketing climate? As you gear up your marketing plans here are 6 keys to marketing success in 2011:


1. Brand

Your brand should always be first on the list of the important elements of successful integrated marketing. Regardless of message, media channel, or offer, your brand needs to be strong, memorable and consistent. With the emergence of blogs and social media this is ever more important. The integrity of your brand should never take a back seat to other components of marketing.

2. Plan

A strategic plan starts with your marketing goals. Are you looking for more in-bound leads? …more sales? …more customers? …increased market share? (or all of the above?) Establishing your specific goals allows the development of a strategy precisely designed for the results you’re looking for. These goals will also drive the messages and media mix.

3. Reach

It seems that each new year uncovers new media channels and new ways to reach our prospects and clients. That means if you are still using the traditional channels you may be missing out on many opportunities to connect with your prospects who now look for your products or services through blogs, online searches, email outlets, social media, and more. To optimize today’s marketing environment you must be poised to take advantage of each marketing channel that offers ­direct connections to your target audience.

4. Timing

How long is your sales cycle?  How do you know when it is the right time to get the attention of your prospects? How can you be sure you are there exactly when and where your customers are actively searching for your products or services? The answer is in the frequency and timing of your integrated, multi-channel marketing. With all the options available today to open the lines of communication with our target audiences this has never been easier — or kinder on the bottom line. It takes planning, discipline, and consistency but the rewards are well worth the effort.

5. Leads

In the planning or strategy phase of your marketing initiative be sure to outline the direct types of leads you are looking for. Are you holding out for only the best quality leads or are you looking to cast a wide net for a huge quantity of leads (or both)? The answer to this most basic question determines how and where you’ll approach your target audience and how your message will be crafted. If you’re looking for both types of leads to feed your sales funnel then that may take simultaneous marketing programs directed at different targets.

6. Results

What kind of return on your marketing investment are you getting? When starting any new marketing campaign the first thing you should do is to take a benchmark reading of where you are today. This may be in many different forms such as: revenue, number of sales, number of customers, amount of traffic on your website, number of leads, etc. Determining your baseline is important for measuring the results of each of your marketing activities. By establishing your goals while understanding your baseline you will easily be able to monitor the results, effectiveness and success of your integrated marketing programs.


By remembering these guidelines throughout the year your marketing initiatives will be stronger, more effective and more dynamic than ever. You’ll find that your marketing efforts are working smarter and that you have more control over the process of successful marketing than you may have thought possible.

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