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7 Ways to Get Real Marketing Results — With Amazing Catalogs

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: August 20th, 2010

Most of us remember waiting for that special catalog to arrive in the mail. Whether it was the latest fashions, that toy catalog we got excited about as children, or even a seed catalog that offered us an array of flowers, fruits and vegetables – we would pour over them and admire all the items on those glossy pages. The more detail the catalog offered, the better we liked it.

Many people in advertising today believe that catalogs are no longer viable. They have served their purpose and it is time to move on to more innovative types of marketing. These people couldn’t be more wrong. While new marketing techniques are clearly necessary in today’s changing world, the catalog – in it’s many new forms – is still an important marketing tool. The right catalog can strengthen sales, increase web traffic, appeal to niche groups, and even introduce new brands.

Catalogs to Fit Your Marketing Goals

A strategically designed and uniquely formatted catalog can drive results in almost every marketing objective. They have been used to promote specialty medical products, online businesses, and even entire cities. They can increase your revenues as much as 85%, gain you thousands of new leads, and can earn you over a 50% response rates when used with a direct marketing approach.

Why? Because Customers and Consumers Like Catalogs

The reason why catalogs are so effective is easy. Customers and consumers like catalogs. 78% of all US consumers say they use catalogs to browse and research products or services regularly. Whether they are looking for a new product or service, a catalog offers them an easy way to learn all about the things that they want or need. Whether that catalog is in print or online it allows consumers to take their time, research the information, and compare products, which makes them more likely to buy, visit, or do business.

7 Ways to Immediately Drive Marketing Results with Catalogs

In addition to the traditional full-line general catalog designed to produce direct orders, today’s catalogs come in many new forms. Check out these 7 catalog strategies and see how they can drive your marketing results in the right direction:

1) Magalogs – engage, educate, and gain added credibility at the same time

2) Brandalogs – extend your brand and/or present your services

3) Webalogs – pique interest and drive customers to your website

4) Nichealogs – appeal to specific targeted customers

5) Promologs – showcase special offers and new promotions

6) MiniCatalogs – generate leads and orders at a lower upfront cost

7) E-catalogs – increase conversion rates and bridge the gap between print and online catalogs

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing is believing and getting an opportunity to see some really great catalogs that have successfully helped businesses grow and to talk to the professionals who made it happen may be worth your time. If you are interested in adding a catalog to your integrated marketing program you might want to contact LHA/World to get some sound advice on how catalogs can be best used as a marketing tool for your business.

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