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SEO. What REALLY Works. (It’s not just about keywords!)

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: March 10th, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s more than pay-per-click, and it’s not just about keywords. But it is essential to getting found from your prospect’s natural online searches. Get found. Get found now. Get found first. Is SEO the key to everything online?

Today you’ll hear the SEO experts talk about keyword density, keyphrases, link structure, backlinks, link juice and directory submissions just for starters. It may sound like the rules are all sorted out, but guess again. Considering Google changes their search algorithms between 350 and 400 times a year, there’s a lot more to the story.

Bad SEO vs. Good SEO. A Scandal Revealed.
There are many techniques to getting SEO results. Some are good (“white-hat” techniques), and some are downright cheating (“black-hat” techniques). Check out the recent article “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search” to see the effects of bad SEO. You may read about “link farms” or “link schemes” and think that you’d never tolerate those tactics for your website. But when your online traffic spikes in the right direction, and your website makes it onto the first page of search results, you’ll be celebrating the magic of SEO and declaring “it worked!” Or did it?

SEO Brings Traffic – But Where Are The Inquiries?
More and more businesses are coming to us with a dilemma: they are now getting more traffic, they may even be on the first page with some important keywords BUT they are still not getting the results they were hoping for. Where are the inbound leads? Why are people bouncing right off their website after only spending a second or two there? What is missing?

Looking at the big picture may reveal that your site most certainly has been optimized for keywords and links. You may even be integrating your blog and social media channels with your website on a regular schedule. These are all good things. But on second look we may see where the issue really is… With the content: the message, the design, and the sales strategy behind the website.

Many times, in efforts to saturate web pages with various SEO techniques, the marketing strategy of the overall sales message may be severely compromised or lost entirely. In an effort to put the focus back onto website quality, relevance and content, Google has recently added a couple of new updates to their algorithm. Both of these updates (“time spent on a web page” and a new “content-farm” update) are specifically designed to thwart “shallow or low quality content” websites that have popped up for the sole purpose of SEO rankings.

The Answer To Getting Real Results
The answer? Get back to basics. Look at both sides of the website-success coin. Just as important as true search engine optimization is, your brand and your message (your content) is equally (or more) important! We need to look a bit farther than simply increasing traffic. We need to make sure that when visitors land on our website they instantly find the answers to the questions that brought them there in the first place — they instantly find value. We need every tool available to resonate with our prospects on both a business and an emotional level.

Traffic is good, but inbound leads, inquiries, and sales are always better. So before considering your SEO possibilities, consider your brand, your sales message, and your overall website goals. Once your site is successfully balancing BOTH sides of the formula, you can expect to see the results you were hoping for.

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