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Using Social Media in Your B-to-B World

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: September 17th, 2010

Do you find yourself still thinking that Facebook and Twitter are really only effective in the consumer realm? That social media is not relevant in the nuts-and-bolts world of business-to-business marketing? Well, as more and more b-to-b companies are using social media as part of their integrated marketing programs, the results are beginning to surface. Social media and blogging are finally successfully getting integrated into the mainstream world of traditional b-b marketing.

The New Art of Listening In

An LHA/World client – who is very conventional as far as marketing and advertising – recently saw the benefits of tapping into online social media and blogging outlets. Instead of using these resources as a platform for out-bound messaging and brand building, they chose to first visit the various industry fan-pages, blogs, and forums to immerse themselves into the world of their customers. This experience provided valuable new insights into customer perceptions of their own brand.

From Insights to Action

Getting this information is major but acting on it is vital. We are now in the process of updating our client’s current marketing materials to incorporate several of the key issues that surfaced. As these new materials roll out we will be monitoring the real-time results of the updates, with an eye on the customer social media feedback. Its direct marketing at a quicker speed and a more personal level.

This is just one great way to use social media to benefit your brand. From targeting your market and refining your message to connecting with clients and prospects, there are a growing number of reasons to use social media and online networks in a b-to-b world.

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