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‘Tis The Season… For Marketing! 5 Ideas to Jump Start The Holiday Marketing Spirit

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: December 8th, 2010

Ahh, the holidays — the perfect time of year for gift-giving, card-sending, song-singing… and marketing!

Contrary to popular belief, the holidays are a terrific time to do some last-minute sales and marketing. As most businesses cut back on their sales and marketing efforts during the holidays the marketplace actually opens up to provide new opportunities to reach out to clients and prospects in memorable and meaningful ways. While celebrating with family, friends, and business associates, we should also take time to celebrate our clients and prospects. What a delightful way to show appreciation, plant the seeds of good will, solidify customer loyalty, and do some marketing along the way.

Here are 5 ideas to boost your holiday marketing spirit during this festive season:

1. Celebrate Your Best Customers With Online Greetings
And Special Seasonal Offers

Online media such as websites, e-mails, blogging and social networking provide ­invaluable opportunities during the holiday season to communicate with clients and prospects. Whether you are in a retail business or a service firm, online channels offer great ways to market seasonal products and services, special ­holiday offers, and greetings as well.

2. Wrap Up Your Holiday Mobile Marketing With
The Help of QR Codes

Try sending your holiday offers or greetings directly to your clients’ and prospects’ smart phones this holiday season. Studies show that over 80 million people ­access their mobile phones on a regular basis. Add this to the emergence of QR Code marketing and the opportunities are endless. Holiday QR Code ideas can be in the form of holiday text messages, videos, web pages, songs, online gifts, coupons and specials, and more.

3. Get Personal With Business Holiday Greetings

While online media and mobile marketing are all the rage this holiday season, you can also look at the opposite end of the spectrum for ways to stand out in the crowd with your holiday greetings. Try getting back to basics and sending out hand-written holiday cards sharing genuine sentiments in your own words.

4. Make Your Clients Feel At Home For The Holidays

Take your clients and prospects out to a special holiday lunch or invite them in to a holiday open house at your place of business. Shower them with a nice meal, some hot apple cider, holiday treats, and some personal one on one time as a way of saying thank-you for their business and loyalty. A small holiday ornament or gift may add just the right touch to that warm holiday feeling they will have towards you and your business.

5. Help To Make The Season Bright

The holidays are about giving, and part of that holiday spirit is reaching out to the less fortunate. This is the perfect time of year to consider donating to charitable organizations. Whether sponsoring a good cause, giving gifts that benefit special groups, or donating time at a local shelter, you can keep your clients in the loop by giving them updates and offering easy ways they can get involved as well.

Keeping these tips in mind over the holidays can add a new perspective to your season. The holidays can be your best time of the year for marketing and sales.

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