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Why Smart Manufacturers Are Marketing With Social Media

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: October 6th, 2010

To compete in today’s market, manufacturing companies not only need to have the latest machinery and the most innovative products, they also need to be tuned into current trends that will bring them the business they need to be competitive. One of the newest trends that manufacturing companies are using to promote their businesses is social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can give businesses instant credibility and open direct lines of communication to customers and prospects alike. Until now these social media sites have been under utilized by manufacturers, but that is all changing. Statistics show that

• 68% of manufacturers plan to allocate more of their budget on social media
• 47% of manufacturers are planning to spend 1/3 of their total advertising budgets marketing online
• Manufacturers are finding that a strong online presence generates more qualified leads and provides real-time lead information on potential customers.

Current trends toward social media reinforce the need for manufacturing companies to begin taking the steps necessary to increase their online presence in this area. In today’s economy, taking advantage of every source of online marketing while strengthening your customer and prospect relationships is the only way to stay competitive.

What Social Media Can Do For Your Manufacturing Business
Social media, when used correctly, can increase your business in a number of ways. When used in conjunction with other online marketing tools, social media can help:

• Retain your current customers
• Gain new customers
• Boost your brand and extend your name recognition
• Educate current and potential customers on your products and services
• Interact with customers and prospects to get a feel for the types of new products and services they may need and ways that you might improve your existing product line to better meet their demands.

Start by posting a profile on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and include your company’s website and your blog site as well. Linking out to your website can also have a positive influence on your website’s overall ranking. Then have your sales force add fans or followers to your social media pages while having everyday conversations with their customers and prospects about a variety of subjects. As your social media pages gain traction, this will in turn increase visits to your website dramatically as well. Of course the more visits to your website the more chances you have of increasing your customer base.

A growing number of people are using these social websites as a means of discovering new products, new product sources and business-to-business referrals. Becoming part of this social media trend means that you have the opportunity of connecting with the people who are looking for the very product you manufacture. This is one more way that including social media with your integrated marketing can pay off exponentially.

Now Is The Time
Any way you look at it, now is the time to begin evaluating your social media marketing activities. Like any new addition to your integrated marketing program, getting started with social media takes planning, discipline and commitment. Decide at the onset what your specific goals will be and how you intend to measure the results. Always make sure your social media efforts reflect the integrity of your existing brand messages. Now that you are ready to take the plunge don’t hesitate. The rewards are waiting.

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