In today’s competitive construction market it is more important than ever to get your message out, get it right the first time, and make sure it resonates with your specific target audience. That’s why it makes sense to go with a marketing group like LHA/World that already knows your industry from the ground up. We’ve built a strong reputation for effective and affordable solutions, and outstanding results within the AEC market.
From setting goals to creating strategic marketing messages, there are many steps to keeping insurance agency marketing campaigns on track. In today’s environment it is critical to gain every competitive advantage possible, and to make sure that all marketing campaigns are precisely on target right out of the gate. That’s where LHA/World can help. We’re a team that’s experienced with full-scale insurance marketing of all kinds.
Whether its about patient-share, differentiating your group or service from competitors, or simply using your brand image to build and reinforce the level of patient satisfaction, we can help. At LHA/World we know that successful marketing within this industry must include elements of emotion, trust and caring, followed by logic. These are the pillars of patient satisfaction, referrals, and customer loyalty.
Marketing technology products and services effectively requires a careful blend of business marketing, creativity and technology. At LHA/World, we’ve been working successfully with technology firms since the mid nineties. We’ve helped companies strategically focus their marketing efforts on their customers current and future needs, and leveraged these messages effectively to CIOs, engineers and IT managers.
In today’s environment of financial uncertainty it is more important than ever to build a brand around trust and confidence. Whether considering lead generation, customer acquisition, or just looking to strengthen customer loyalty, you need a team who has a deep knowledge of the challenges you face. Over the past 15 years, LHA/World has worked within the financial industry building a steady track record of success.
Marketing a manufacturing or distribution company in today’s global environment can be a challenge. With so many marketing channels, and so many ways to reach your marketplace its important to know which options, or what mix to use. At LHA/World, we’ve been working with manufacturing companies since 1994. We know how to blend your traditional marketing with all the new options available to give you the best results.
The retail and consumer markets are among the most competitive marketing sectors around. That’s why using ALL strategic marketing tools available (both online and traditional) is so important. LHA/World can help you with your internet marketing, promotions, direct marketing, social media, store signage and more to make sure all will be working together consistently delivering your messages to your specific target audiences.


Through the years, our commitment to excellence has allowed LHA/World the privilege of working with a remarkably broad range of clients, companies and industries from all over the world. Our work has been produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and has been put into action across the US and in Europe, South America and Africa. Our clients come from all industries and in all sizes from start-ups to national and international firms. Our work is as varied as our clients, and odds are, we've done projects in your specific industry.

Campaign for a Generation of Hope.

From the strategy and planning through Girllogo, package design, website and marketing campaign, the DuraNet Bednet Program was successfully deployed in several languages across the world.