No single element can build a brand. No individual advertisement can fully speak the message. Rather, its the combination of each single point of customer contact that strengthens the customer relation­ship; its the company, the people, the track record, and every marketing communications piece working together to tell the story. We call it 360° marketing, and we know the power it holds.
Your brand image is more than just a logo. It’s an intangible asset that resides in the minds of your customers and prospects and motivates them to buy from you! At LHA/World, we fully understand that to earn your customer’s loyalty you must first embed your brand image into their minds. We create, define, position and strengthen brands… and then raise awareness beyond that of brand competition.
Did you ever hear of a catalog generating an 86% revenue increase? How about a 35% increase in the number of customers ordering? Or direct mail catalogs with a 53% response rate? Well, we have. In fact, those are the kind of results we’ve come to expect from our exclusive catalog development approach. And it works! On traditional catalogs, online catalogs, e-catalogs, promo catalogs and more.
Direct mail = response. Incentive programs = lead generation. Email marketing = customer relationships… the combinations are endless. But with the right lists, the right offer and the right message all working together, the results of multi-channel direct marketing programs can be extraordinary. And at LHA/World, we know how to skillfully combine the best options to get the best results.
The true potential of interactive e-marketing is limitless. And, your online presence is a full partner to all your other marketing and advertising. So whether its a website that attracts customers, a microsite that strengthens your campaigns, a dynamic online catalog or a high impact interactive presentation, we know the power and the value of e-marketing… and that click-through counts!
How does your target audience think? What makes them take notice? What motivates them to react? Those are the questions we ask. And that’s why our ads and promotions work. Our award-winning promotions are grounded in strategy but created with imagination. They will let you build traffic and generate response while resulting in lots of interest and excitement along the way.
A successful Event strategy starts well before the event ever takes place. It starts with your goals and objectives, and the right team asking the right questions. At LHA/World we start with the right questions, then work to achieve your goals by breaking the Event into the Pre-, At-, and Post-show elements which all work together to reinforce your message and get the results you are expecting.


From the strategic planning phase of a successful marketing, website, branding or advertising campaign, through the design and execution, LHA/World is set to offer all the services needed to get the job done effectively, on target, and on budget. Our clients have the benefit of tapping into our in-depth experience with a wide range of selling situations — both business-to-business and consumer. And, whether you need all of our services or just one, you can count on marketing and website solutions designed for results.

Print + Online... Catalogs that Work!

LHA/World recently produced both a traditional Globe coming out of a Box500-page print catalog with 1,500 products, plus its online version which is database driven and dynamically generated.