• Increase conversion rates by up to 100%!
  • Exponentially increase average order size and items per order!


  • How customers are responding with
    build-in surveys.
  • Which pages or products are the most
    compelling… and profitable.
  • New and more effective ways to cross-sell.

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Now you can strengthen brand loyalty, build repeat business and increase response rates throughout all channels!

{all while reducing your ­bottom line}

With an LHA/E*series publication you’ll get the best of both worlds: In print and online …all working together seamlessly. Bridge the gap between your printed materials, your promotions and your website, offering customers a familiar interface along with ­immediacy and convenience. Leverage the newest technologies like video, seo and social media, all while extending the marketing dollars already ­invested in your printed materials.

At LHA/World our team of experts now combine years of strategic marketing and direct marketing expertise with cutting edge technology skills to offer the unbeatable LHA/E*series. With this unique process, your existing print materials are converted into a digital format then dynamically overlayed with a customized arsenal of the newest highly effective marketing techniques. This gives you the competitive edge you need in today’s marketing ­environment. Ask about our LHA/E*series today.

E*asy… E*xciting… E*ffective… LHA/E*series
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