LHA/World Launches New Software Solutions Website

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: August 11th, 2011

JobPack Inc.


Elgin IL-based JobPack Inc. reached out to LHA/World to design and develop their new software solutions website. The challenge was to effectively communicate their their full range of products in a quick, concise, and engaging way while driving traffic to their online demo and 2-minute analysis form.

By using a series of strong customer-focused photo-montages emphasizing the large-scale manufacturing sector, and then breaking the software product offerings into three main categories on the home page, visitors can immediately self-qualify, and quickly choose their area(s) of interest. An Online Demo and a “2-minute Analysis” were added to enable prospects who are unsure of their need an easy way to assist in making that determination. And finally, by adding the “action links” in the center of the page the user can easily take control and enjoy immediate access to several key features.

All these elements, along with a comprehensive SEO package will allow JobPack to capture relevant web traffic while streamlining their sales process and strengthening their conversion rates.