New Website Brings the Benefits of Cloud Computing to Small Business

Author: LHAWorld Inc.

Date Posted: October 6th, 2010

Just launched:

Enterprise Technology Associates (ETA) – using eOSphere, their own proprietary system – is finally bringing all the benefits of cloud computing to small and medium sized businesses. When they reached out to LHA/World to design and develop their new website and brochure they wanted a way to quickly and easily communicate these benefits.

The Challenge
A recent industry survey about cloud computing showed that there is a huge gap between small and mid-sized businesses in their adoption of this new technology. More than two-thirds of small businesses have never heard of “cloud” hosting and were not interested in exploring what it had to offer. Yet, with all the benefits provided by cloud computing, these services would be a perfect match for small businesses.  So, the challenge was to find a simple straightforward way to compare traditional IT vs the cost savings and efficiency of ETA’s Cloud Computing right from the home page.

The Solution
Communicating traditional IT vs Cloud Computing’s cost benefits and efficiencies in about 30 seconds was a tall order. There was a real story to tell here and the best way to tell it was through a quick photographic Flash video showing a split screen with two businessmen choosing two different options for their IT support. One businessman chose traditional IT and of course the other chose the eOSphere brand of Cloud Computing. By using dissolve effects we follow these men through their first three years in business and see first-hand all the reasons eOSPphere Cloud Computing is the way to go. The homepage also features many other intuitive ways to get information specifically tailored to several small business categories.

The Result
The ETA/eOSphere and Cloud Computing story is being told in an effective way, the brochure ties in with the strategy of the website, and the website is being launched to rave reviews!